Bruised and dislocated

The bruises are mostly still from crawling through a secret tunnel the other night. However, last night whilst dancing in a highly intoxicated state at Get Dancy!, I fell over and landed on my knee somehow, and noticed that the kneecap was pointing in a highly unnatural angle. I got it back in place somehow and carried on dancing probably, and making out with someone certainly, but it’s pretty sore still so I didn’t sleep well and can’t walk properly and have phoned my mum to come pick me up and take care of me and tell me that everything is going to be ok.




Mosh pit face

Alright, so it’s another one of those “not technically a bruise” posts… But this made me feel like such a badass, I simply had to share it. Was moshing along at the Honningbarna gig at Rockefeller last night and got a few elbows in the face. Bit of a split lip, plus a blood blister.


I thought I was gonna get a nosebleed as well though, that would have been a bit of a hassle.





I’m very sad that I don’t have an actual picture of this, but just remembered about this and thought I’d post it anyway:

I remember I was planning to count all my bruises from that evening, but after counting those 7 on one foot, I realised what an impossible task it would be and gave up.

Please feel free to comment below with any anecdotes that involves gigs and bruisage. Thank you kindly.