My very own needle bruises!

Of course, this holds nothing on the big Needle Bruise which I’m sure most of you remember. But that can’t really be helped.

These are from when I was in hospital (for the first time EVER!!! apart from being born obvs) in November because I had pneumonia and had to get some meds in my veins but sometimes they couldn’t find a vein straight away so this is what happened.


Needle Bruise

My friend Vilde has spent most of this autumn in the hospital with some rare disease or condition that no one seems to be able to figure out. Personally, I think it’s lupus, but the doctor’s haven’t asked for my advice yet.


Anyway, because Vilde is such a frail and delicate flower, this was the result of the incessant poking of her veins with needles. Impressive.


Glad to hear you’re out of there now V-dawg, and hope you’re feeling all better soon! If not though, keep sending me pix of your bruises.