Swollen Foot Bruise

Today, ladies and gentlemen, we have a returning guest star on the blog. The last time Annicken was bruised enough to end up here, a lot of people apparently had trouble making out which part of her body, or at least of her leg, was in the picture. It’s her upper thigh you mentalistis, it’s not her fucking knee.

ANYWAY. This time you should have no problem locating the bruisage on her, but you might have more difficulty trying to figure out what’s happened to her. I certainly have no idea. Annicken, if you’re reading this, care to share the story with us…?


New Shoes Bruise

Pretty self explanatory.

Big toe massacre

After the overwhelming results of the poll in my last post (3 yes, 1 ‘other’), here is what you’ve all been very anxiously waiting for: a closeup of my big toe. Ew.

I somehow managed to cut thse two toes whilst getting out of the shower. So if either of my flatmates read this, or anyone else that might be likely to use our shower (?), let this serve as a warning. (Statistics show that warnings work better over the internet than in person)

Girl/stony steps interface

I got sent these two pictures by Carine. They are of her friend who apparently fell down some stony steps by La Boheme (I’m guessing this must be that place at St Hanshaugen but I’ve never seen any stony steps there? Maybe it’s Bohemen in town??? I just don’t know??????)

Anyway, they look pretty painful. Even though the, uh, upper thigh one is more visible I bet the ankle one hurts like a mother as well cause it’s riiiiight on the bone.



I’m very sad that I don’t have an actual picture of this, but just remembered about this and thought I’d post it anyway:

I remember I was planning to count all my bruises from that evening, but after counting those 7 on one foot, I realised what an impossible task it would be and gave up.

Please feel free to comment below with any anecdotes that involves gigs and bruisage. Thank you kindly.