Arm cancer

This impressive piece of bruisage, shown below in no less than three different variations of lighting, was (sadly) not on my own arm but that of my former housemate, Anna. The bruise stayed for a good while and was/is popularly referred to as THE ARM CANCER. We did suspect for a while that her entire arm might just fall off at some point. She apparently got the bruise from our other housemate, Becky, punching her right in the arm.

PS, Anna: I really wish I’d taken a picture of your shoe trauma condition. Those were the days.



I’m very sad that I don’t have an actual picture of this, but just remembered about this and thought I’d post it anyway:

I remember I was planning to count all my bruises from that evening, but after counting those 7 on one foot, I realised what an impossible task it would be and gave up.

Please feel free to comment below with any anecdotes that involves gigs and bruisage. Thank you kindly.

I got bit.

True story.