I have a face on my elbow

Ok so obviously this is more of a scratch than a bruise BUT IT LOOKS LIKE A FACE. ON MY ELBOW.



I got this last night when trying to interfere in an actual fight outside Revolver. I don’t think I helped much though.


Film Club Bruise

Things kind of escalated a bit from rock paper scissors and I got in a (friendly) fight with one of the guys at the film club. I don’t know if anyone won, but I was the one left lying on the floor in a puddle of beer. Excellent.

My first Genuine Drunken Fight™

One evening late in the summer of 2009, I ended up at Paragrafen in Oslo with my drinking buddy Line, and got in a fight (cue Fresh Prince song). Some spaniard was groping me and i pushed him around a bit and hit him a bit and he got kicked out. Victory!