Urban Exploration Bruises

Went crawling through a secret tunnel early one morning with my buddy Jørgen. I was afraid it would be full of spiders which it was not, just scraped my knees instead which I can live with.

It actually looks more painful in real life than it does in these pics. Hopefully it will look even worse in the next couple of days so that it can be captured decently on my phone camera.


Unknown Bruise

I really have to start paying more attention.


My very own needle bruises!

Of course, this holds nothing on the big Needle Bruise which I’m sure most of you remember. But that can’t really be helped.

These are from when I was in hospital (for the first time EVER!!! apart from being born obvs) in November because I had pneumonia and had to get some meds in my veins but sometimes they couldn’t find a vein straight away so this is what happened.

Bonus Phone Bruises

Uhh. Found these on my phone. As per usual, no memory of any of it (not even of taking the pictures, actually).

Anonymous Bruise

The person to whom this upper thigh area is attached would like to remain nameless. It’s a returning guest star on this blog, though ;)

Thumbnail Bruise

This was months ago, don’t remember how it happened. Small bruises are always such a bitch to get pictures of, but believe me – it was real blue and red and swollen and painful like a motherbitch.


Reminds me of that time I thought I’d broken my big toe because a horse stepped on it, right where the skin is thinnest before it starts being just nail.