Spectacular fall update

As we all (?) know, bruises and scratches and cuts etc can change quite quickly. Not sure if that is actually the case here, but I’ve certainly seen a few today that I didn’t notice yesterday. The sorest one is on my foot but there’s somehow no discolouration, so no use taking a pic.


I was wearing a bandage over this in work today but I don’t think it’s helped much. Sure, no more dirt has got in but it’s no better either. Tried cleaning this with soap, thought that would be very painful, but it wasn’t. It also didn’t help though, so maybe I was just doing it wrong.

This was probably the first point of impact when I fell. It seemed to happen pretty slowly so I was sure I would be able to stop it from happening, but I obviously didn’t. Probably landed on this hand and then rolled onto my left shoulder or something. And then my right arm again, and then both my knees???? Idk.

You (obviously) can’t see it all that well in this pic, but I noticed the scratches on my left hand/wrist went further down than I thought, and turning more bruise-ish as well.


Damaged Ligament Bruise

I’ve been off crutches for a week after I dislocated my knee, and the bruises that I already had when that happened are beginning to fade.

However, a few days ago as I was visiting my sister, she noticed that the back of my knee was massively bruised. I hadn’t even realised (it’s a difficult place to see anything much even when you’re trying, as I’ve discovered) because it didn’t hurt, but it was one of the most painful places while my knee was still dislocated. And the doctors said that I’d damaged and somehow “stretched” (but not torn, thank god) the ligament so my theory is that the bruising is from that. Because while I’m no ligament expert, you can see how the bruise is pretty much in a straight line, and if you feel the back of your knee you’ll see how there’s something just under the skin which I’m guessing is the ligament that I damaged. This theory is supported by google image search so it must be valid.

From what I can tell, it looks like it’s fading now, more yellowish anyhow. Fascinating stuff eh!

A work in progress, pt. 5 (final instalment?)

I’m finding it pretty interesting how the bruise is spreading down along my shin. And the intense yellow that you get to around this point will never cease to fascinate me.

A work in progress, pt. 4

Yellowing a bit. And there’s a hard lumpy bit on the left. Hmm.

A work in progress, pt. 3

Once again, the difficulties in getting decent pictures of bruises has become almost as painful to me as the bruise itself. When I woke up a couple of hours ago and first saw my knee I was like WHOA LOOK AT THAT MOTHER and now having taken about a dozen pictures of it or more, I don’t see how anyone will really be impressed at all.

ANYWAY. It’s getting purpler, and it’s spreading round to the other side a bit. Hopefully it’ll get grosser still in the next couple of days. Aren’t you excited!? Turns out my ancle is also a bit bruised, and my other knee as well, but nothing remotely picture worthy as of yet. I was hoping my left hand would get bruised too, as earlier the same night I fell with my entire body weight on that bony bit where the wrist turns into hand, but it’s not an area that bruises easily after all.

Right, pictures:

Oops, hairy legs.