Swollen Foot Bruise

Today, ladies and gentlemen, we have a returning guest star on the blog. The last time Annicken was bruised enough to end up here, a lot of people apparently had trouble making out which part of her body, or at least of her leg, was in the picture. It’s her upper thigh you mentalistis, it’s not her fucking knee.

ANYWAY. This time you should have no problem locating the bruisage on her, but you might have more difficulty trying to figure out what’s happened to her. I certainly have no idea. Annicken, if you’re reading this, care to share the story with us…?


One Comment on “Swollen Foot Bruise”

  1. Carine says:

    My firend asked me to leave a reply for her, so here it is..
    This happened when she was on her way to a pre-party. Although it looks like it was on her way from one. She decided to take a shortcut and jump over a fence in high heels. Landed on her wine bottle :(

    Best Regards, Picture and Statement Executive :)
    ps! have another pic for you

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