Girl/stony steps interface

I got sent these two pictures by Carine. They are of her friend who apparently fell down some stony steps by La Boheme (I’m guessing this must be that place at St Hanshaugen but I’ve never seen any stony steps there? Maybe it’s Bohemen in town??? I just don’t know??????)

Anyway, they look pretty painful. Even though the, uh, upper thigh one is more visible I bet the ankle one hurts like a mother as well cause it’s riiiiight on the bone.



4 Comments on “Girl/stony steps interface”

  1. Rabiatix says:

    Har vennen til Carine på seg bleie på det siste bildet?

  2. Rabiatix says:

    Tøysete teori. Det er helt klart en bleie.

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