Insane Ice Fall Bruisage

Right, so as we all (?) know, falling on the ice is one of the main sources of good old bruising in a country such as Norway. This December we’ve hardly had any ice or snow (lasted for maybe like, three days?), yet I’ve already fallen on the ice once myself (hurt like hell for a couple of days, waiting to see if the bruise will develop) and only a few days ago I got this picture sent to me by my cousin:

She says she got this from walking up a steep hill which was covered in ice, and obviously falling over. When she finally made it to the top, there was a woman sat there crying, and it turned out this poor woman had fallen in the very same spot and broken her arm. Ouch. I’ve never broken anything despite falling over like an idiot all the time, but I imagine it to be rather painful.


Film Club Bruise

Things kind of escalated a bit from rock paper scissors and I got in a (friendly) fight with one of the guys at the film club. I don’t know if anyone won, but I was the one left lying on the floor in a puddle of beer. Excellent.

Christmas Party bruise

First of all: I’m truly sorry for the atrocious quality of this photo and the one in the next post. My actual camera has died for some reason, so it’s all phone cameras and webcam for the time being. You get the idea though.


Second: I know that this happened at my work Christmas Party, but no idea how. It was a very adult Christmas party and the most outrageous thing I did was dance with no shoes on for a few minutes. Nevertheless, this was here when I woke up the next day:


Internet <3

I’m literally the SECOND TOP HIT on google! Amazing times.


I also got a fair few bruises over the weekend so I’ll take pics of those later.