Bruised and dislocated

The bruises are mostly still from crawling through a secret tunnel the other night. However, last night whilst dancing in a highly intoxicated state at Get Dancy!, I fell over and landed on my knee somehow, and noticed that the kneecap was pointing in a highly unnatural angle. I got it back in place somehow and carried on dancing probably, and making out with someone certainly, but it’s pretty sore still so I didn’t sleep well and can’t walk properly and have phoned my mum to come pick me up and take care of me and tell me that everything is going to be ok.




Urban Exploration Bruises

Went crawling through a secret tunnel early one morning with my buddy Jørgen. I was afraid it would be full of spiders which it was not, just scraped my knees instead which I can live with.

It actually looks more painful in real life than it does in these pics. Hopefully it will look even worse in the next couple of days so that it can be captured decently on my phone camera.

Film Club Bruise

Things kind of escalated a bit from rock paper scissors and I got in a (friendly) fight with one of the guys at the film club. I don’t know if anyone won, but I was the one left lying on the floor in a puddle of beer. Excellent.

Christmas Party bruise

First of all: I’m truly sorry for the atrocious quality of this photo and the one in the next post. My actual camera has died for some reason, so it’s all phone cameras and webcam for the time being. You get the idea though.


Second: I know that this happened at my work Christmas Party, but no idea how. It was a very adult Christmas party and the most outrageous thing I did was dance with no shoes on for a few minutes. Nevertheless, this was here when I woke up the next day:


Mysterious Matching Hand Bruises

I got one of these a few days ago, maybe even during last weekend at some point, and the other one last night. You should be able to tell from the different colourations which is the older and which is the newer, this is pretty basic bruise knowledge.

The first one might have been from accidentally punching a door knob, but as far as the second one goes, your guess is as good as mine.




Thanks to my flatmate for taking pics. And yes it is this dark in the flat so this was as good as it was going to get.

Bedtime Bruise

I’m afraid it’s not as exciting as it sounds. I collided with a table whilst trying to get back into bed in the middle of the night and this was the result. Also, taking pictures of (kind of close to) your elbow is nearly as difficult as licking your elbow :(


….especially in my poorly lit room. Soz guize.


When I update this blog now I keep thinking of all the post subject/titles as titles for my blues blog instead (which I just then misspelt as bluise). It keeps me amused…

Mosh pit face

Alright, so it’s another one of those “not technically a bruise” posts… But this made me feel like such a badass, I simply had to share it. Was moshing along at the Honningbarna gig at Rockefeller last night and got a few elbows in the face. Bit of a split lip, plus a blood blister.


I thought I was gonna get a nosebleed as well though, that would have been a bit of a hassle.