Home Alone Bruise

Right. Last Friday, I decided I would stay in to save some money, energy and dignity for the following day which I knew would be full of rugby drunkenness. I GOT BRUISED ANYWAY. I just woke up the next morning and BAM there was a bruise on my knee. It’s not very big, but the weird thing about this one is it hasn’t changed at all (that I’ve been able to tell) for the full week I’ve had it. Pretty weird.

Below are, of course, pictures: One extremely up close and personal of this weirdo bruise, and another in which you can also see what remains of the Work In Progress-bruise.

I also burnt my hand a couple of days ago and was going to make like a SUPER SPECIAL EDITION POST with pics of my burnt hand. But because it was so painful, I had to hold it under cold water for ages, and by the next morning you could hardly even tell where it had been. I still took a photo and I am going to post it, but you can’t really tell that it’s been burnt.


As ever, click pics for bigger versions if you’re that way inclined.


A work in progress, pt. 5 (final instalment?)

I’m finding it pretty interesting how the bruise is spreading down along my shin. And the intense yellow that you get to around this point will never cease to fascinate me.

A work in progress, pt. 4

Yellowing a bit. And there’s a hard lumpy bit on the left. Hmm.

Animated bruise



Also, would the man to whom this arm is attached, be so kind as to let us know how this happened? Thank you.

A work in progress, pt. 3

Once again, the difficulties in getting decent pictures of bruises has become almost as painful to me as the bruise itself. When I woke up a couple of hours ago and first saw my knee I was like WHOA LOOK AT THAT MOTHER and now having taken about a dozen pictures of it or more, I don’t see how anyone will really be impressed at all.

ANYWAY. It’s getting purpler, and it’s spreading round to the other side a bit. Hopefully it’ll get grosser still in the next couple of days. Aren’t you excited!? Turns out my ancle is also a bit bruised, and my other knee as well, but nothing remotely picture worthy as of yet. I was hoping my left hand would get bruised too, as earlier the same night I fell with my entire body weight on that bony bit where the wrist turns into hand, but it’s not an area that bruises easily after all.

Right, pictures:

Oops, hairy legs.


My friend Sarah sent me the below picture of her thigh. She says she got one of them in work (in a cafe??? How do you get bruises like this in a cafe????????) and the other one whilst DJing at Revolver last night (while I was busy drinking, dancing to Pulp and eventually preparing myself for the walk home, the result of which can be seen in my previous post…).

That’s how we roll, yo.

A work in progress, pts. 1 + 2

Got a pretty good bruise last night (fell on the ice, yet again). It’s the type of bruise that takes a while to fully develop. Last night it was just really swollen, and it’s now turning more blue along the edges. LUCKILY, I had the presence of mind to snap a few shots of it before I passed out, but for obvious reasons they’re not very good pictures:

This is just below my knee, by the way, so it’s all swelling, I’m not giving any credit to my knee for that.

And now a couple of pictures taken ten minutes ago:

Good stuff, huh?

I’ll keep you posted. OBVIOUSLY.

PS: You can click on the images for bigger versions, you know.