I have a face on my elbow

Ok so obviously this is more of a scratch than a bruise BUT IT LOOKS LIKE A FACE. ON MY ELBOW.



I got this last night when trying to interfere in an actual fight outside Revolver. I don’t think I helped much though.


Film Club Bruise

Things kind of escalated a bit from rock paper scissors and I got in a (friendly) fight with one of the guys at the film club. I don’t know if anyone won, but I was the one left lying on the floor in a puddle of beer. Excellent.

Mosh pit face

Alright, so it’s another one of those “not technically a bruise” posts… But this made me feel like such a badass, I simply had to share it. Was moshing along at the Honningbarna gig at Rockefeller last night and got a few elbows in the face. Bit of a split lip, plus a blood blister.


I thought I was gonna get a nosebleed as well though, that would have been a bit of a hassle.




Arm cancer

This impressive piece of bruisage, shown below in no less than three different variations of lighting, was (sadly) not on my own arm but that of my former housemate, Anna. The bruise stayed for a good while and was/is popularly referred to as THE ARM CANCER. We did suspect for a while that her entire arm might just fall off at some point. She apparently got the bruise from our other housemate, Becky, punching her right in the arm.

PS, Anna: I really wish I’d taken a picture of your shoe trauma condition. Those were the days.

My first Genuine Drunken Fight™

One evening late in the summer of 2009, I ended up at Paragrafen in Oslo with my drinking buddy Line, and got in a fight (cue Fresh Prince song). Some spaniard was groping me and i pushed him around a bit and hit him a bit and he got kicked out. Victory!