This must be the longest time I’ve spent with no bruises to speak of since, like, last century.

Somehow these were the “best” photos I could get of my current bruises, but at least you can see that there is indeed bruisage:

The red mark is from banging my knee against the edge of a table whilst barbequeing. As you do. The others might be from the same incident although I have a feeling they’re unrelated…

There’s still also a lump under my skin somewhere from the big Work in Progress-bruise. I wonder if it’ll ever go away or if it’s just going to stay there forever. Anyone had a similar thing?


Mark’s Football Bruise

Like a hero, Mark was playing football in a car park when he fell off the kerb and landed on his wrist. This might sound like something I could have done, but it happened in Texas. Oh man.

Most of the bruisage is on his elbow because apparently, the shock of the impact traveled up his arm or something. STUFF, EH.

Without further ado, here is the evolution of Mark’s elbow bruise:

And finally, here is Mark with his arm in a sling, pulling a face which completely ruins the illusion of him being a big tough man:

But I bet he will be smiling now he’s INTERNET FAMOUS.

Big toe massacre

After the overwhelming results of the poll in my last post (3 yes, 1 ‘other’), here is what you’ve all been very anxiously waiting for: a closeup of my big toe. Ew.

I somehow managed to cut thse two toes whilst getting out of the shower. So if either of my flatmates read this, or anyone else that might be likely to use our shower (?), let this serve as a warning. (Statistics show that warnings work better over the internet than in person)