Ice, Ice Baby

Yet another one that isn’t me, I’m afraid. Sorry if you feel cheated. I know I do.

This is my friend Pernille, who fell on the ice (while there still was some ice) on her way back from some very late night drinks somewhere. Somewhere in the process of opening/cropping/saving/uploading this pic, I’ve somehow managed to set it as my desktop background. Hah. Sorry Pernille but I will be changing back to Leatherface, hope you don’t take too much offence.

AND NOW, A POLL! How exciting!

Strictly speaking not a bruise, but I did somehow hurt my foot whilst getting out of the shower the other day. There was blood and everything. So obviously rather than cleaning it up, I rushed to find my camera so I could get a picture. Do you want to see an extreme closeup of my toes, all covered in blood? Yay or nay?


Girl/stony steps interface

I got sent these two pictures by Carine. They are of her friend who apparently fell down some stony steps by La Boheme (I’m guessing this must be that place at St Hanshaugen but I’ve never seen any stony steps there? Maybe it’s Bohemen in town??? I just don’t know??????)

Anyway, they look pretty painful. Even though the, uh, upper thigh one is more visible I bet the ankle one hurts like a mother as well cause it’s riiiiight on the bone.


Papercut Challenge

Hey gang!

I’m still unbruised, so I thought we could do something FUN – yes, I said we, as in not just me.

I just got a minor papercut whilst pretending to look for quotes for my essay, and it reminded me of two things:

1) The clip which I have embedded below, for your viewing pleasure

2) The fact that someone I know, who will remain anonymous, doesn’t really “believe” in papercuts, that they are a real thing that happens to people.

So my challenge to you is to share your most horrid papercut stories with me – obviously I would prefer it if you have any that you could in any way document, but the most important thing here is personal tales of papercut woes.

Come on now, I’m counting on you!

No news :(

I just don’t seem to be getting bruised these days. Sorry. :( I’m not gonna lie, I have been considering punching myself in the face and pushing myself down some stairs etc, but that would be cheating.

While waiting for something bad to happen to me (can’t be much longer now), here is a picture of a bruise that supposedly looks like Jesus. Enjoy.

OOOOOOH and I just found this baby as well:

I think that’s meant to be Jesus as well.