Holiday Bruise

I went on a holiday and I got bruised. Obviously.



As I do every summer, I went up north to the island where my nan grew up. For the last few years, the big highlight has been the annual FISHING FESTIVAL, and this time was no different. It wasn’t at the festival I got bruised though (true story, see the “sober” tag!?), it was on my journey home. I couldn’t even sit down in my seat on the flight like a normal person without getting bruised.

Also, when taking these pics I accidentally banged my knee against the table and I suspect there will be decent bruisage tomorrow.

Also also, I now have a phone with a much better camera, and the wordpress app as well, so I predict a shiny great near future for this blog. Aw yeah.


My very own needle bruises!

Of course, this holds nothing on the big Needle Bruise which I’m sure most of you remember. But that can’t really be helped.

These are from when I was in hospital (for the first time EVER!!! apart from being born obvs) in November because I had pneumonia and had to get some meds in my veins but sometimes they couldn’t find a vein straight away so this is what happened.

Big toe massacre

After the overwhelming results of the poll in my last post (3 yes, 1 ‘other’), here is what you’ve all been very anxiously waiting for: a closeup of my big toe. Ew.

I somehow managed to cut thse two toes whilst getting out of the shower. So if either of my flatmates read this, or anyone else that might be likely to use our shower (?), let this serve as a warning. (Statistics show that warnings work better over the internet than in person)

Home Alone Bruise

Right. Last Friday, I decided I would stay in to save some money, energy and dignity for the following day which I knew would be full of rugby drunkenness. I GOT BRUISED ANYWAY. I just woke up the next morning and BAM there was a bruise on my knee. It’s not very big, but the weird thing about this one is it hasn’t changed at all (that I’ve been able to tell) for the full week I’ve had it. Pretty weird.

Below are, of course, pictures: One extremely up close and personal of this weirdo bruise, and another in which you can also see what remains of the Work In Progress-bruise.

I also burnt my hand a couple of days ago and was going to make like a SUPER SPECIAL EDITION POST with pics of my burnt hand. But because it was so painful, I had to hold it under cold water for ages, and by the next morning you could hardly even tell where it had been. I still took a photo and I am going to post it, but you can’t really tell that it’s been burnt.


As ever, click pics for bigger versions if you’re that way inclined.

Shelf shaped bruise

This is a lot more mundane. I got the straightest bruise of my life (probably) from moving a shelf from Sofienberg back to Grünerløkka with my sister a few weeks ago.