Spectacular fall update

As we all (?) know, bruises and scratches and cuts etc can change quite quickly. Not sure if that is actually the case here, but I’ve certainly seen a few today that I didn’t notice yesterday. The sorest one is on my foot but there’s somehow no discolouration, so no use taking a pic.


I was wearing a bandage over this in work today but I don’t think it’s helped much. Sure, no more dirt has got in but it’s no better either. Tried cleaning this with soap, thought that would be very painful, but it wasn’t. It also didn’t help though, so maybe I was just doing it wrong.

This was probably the first point of impact when I fell. It seemed to happen pretty slowly so I was sure I would be able to stop it from happening, but I obviously didn’t. Probably landed on this hand and then rolled onto my left shoulder or something. And then my right arm again, and then both my knees???? Idk.

You (obviously) can’t see it all that well in this pic, but I noticed the scratches on my left hand/wrist went further down than I thought, and turning more bruise-ish as well.


Spectacular fall

I fell on the street yesterday. And I wasn’t even particularly drunk, it was on my way out rather than on my way back home as is more common obvs. This could have gone a whole lot worse, as I actually had a glass in my bag which was smashed, but no broken glass anywhere in my skin thankfully.

Some of these obviously look less dramatic now that the blood’s washed off and all, and there’s the ever recurring crappy laptop camera issue, but even so I’m sure you can imagine the combined effect of all these scratches and bruises.

1. Left shoulder

2. Right hand, palm

3. Right knee

4. Left hand, knuckle

5. Side of left knee

6. Left elbow

7. Left hand and wrist

I’m also pretty sure that everyone saw my underpants when this happened.

Thumbnail Bruise

This was months ago, don’t remember how it happened. Small bruises are always such a bitch to get pictures of, but believe me – it was real blue and red and swollen and painful like a motherbitch.


Reminds me of that time I thought I’d broken my big toe because a horse stepped on it, right where the skin is thinnest before it starts being just nail.

Mysterious Matching Hand Bruises

I got one of these a few days ago, maybe even during last weekend at some point, and the other one last night. You should be able to tell from the different colourations which is the older and which is the newer, this is pretty basic bruise knowledge.

The first one might have been from accidentally punching a door knob, but as far as the second one goes, your guess is as good as mine.




Thanks to my flatmate for taking pics. And yes it is this dark in the flat so this was as good as it was going to get.

Home Alone Bruise

Right. Last Friday, I decided I would stay in to save some money, energy and dignity for the following day which I knew would be full of rugby drunkenness. I GOT BRUISED ANYWAY. I just woke up the next morning and BAM there was a bruise on my knee. It’s not very big, but the weird thing about this one is it hasn’t changed at all (that I’ve been able to tell) for the full week I’ve had it. Pretty weird.

Below are, of course, pictures: One extremely up close and personal of this weirdo bruise, and another in which you can also see what remains of the Work In Progress-bruise.

I also burnt my hand a couple of days ago and was going to make like a SUPER SPECIAL EDITION POST with pics of my burnt hand. But because it was so painful, I had to hold it under cold water for ages, and by the next morning you could hardly even tell where it had been. I still took a photo and I am going to post it, but you can’t really tell that it’s been burnt.


As ever, click pics for bigger versions if you’re that way inclined.

Tiny finger bruise

No idea how/where/why/when this happened. All I know is the picture’s from 2007. And that’s quite a strange place to get bruised.