Ice, Ice Baby

Yet another one that isn’t me, I’m afraid. Sorry if you feel cheated. I know I do.

This is my friend Pernille, who fell on the ice (while there still was some ice) on her way back from some very late night drinks somewhere. Somewhere in the process of opening/cropping/saving/uploading this pic, I’ve somehow managed to set it as my desktop background. Hah. Sorry Pernille but I will be changing back to Leatherface, hope you don’t take too much offence.

AND NOW, A POLL! How exciting!

Strictly speaking not a bruise, but I did somehow hurt my foot whilst getting out of the shower the other day. There was blood and everything. So obviously rather than cleaning it up, I rushed to find my camera so I could get a picture. Do you want to see an extreme closeup of my toes, all covered in blood? Yay or nay?


2 Comments on “Ice, Ice Baby”

  1. PS if no one votes I will literally cry

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