Papercut Challenge

Hey gang!

I’m still unbruised, so I thought we could do something FUN – yes, I said we, as in not just me.

I just got a minor papercut whilst pretending to look for quotes for my essay, and it reminded me of two things:

1) The clip which I have embedded below, for your viewing pleasure

2) The fact that someone I know, who will remain anonymous, doesn’t really “believe” in papercuts, that they are a real thing that happens to people.

So my challenge to you is to share your most horrid papercut stories with me – obviously I would prefer it if you have any that you could in any way document, but the most important thing here is personal tales of papercut woes.

Come on now, I’m counting on you!


4 Comments on “Papercut Challenge”

  1. -dan- says:

    Once cut my dick off :(

  2. jazzballet says:

    accidentally stabbing my finger with this

    hurt less than the many papercuts i get (although the stabwound was more annoying in the long run)
    i really hate papercuts

  3. PO says:

    I once got a papercut in the fleshy/stringy part of my left hand between my thumb and forefinger. It wouldn’t stop bleeing, and even when it looked like it had settled down, would start spurting again as soon as I moved it. It was caused by the edge of a contract that I was working on in the middle of a meeting with a client, and it was an original document which had already been notarised, and so we couldn’t just bin it and print out a new one. There was more red than white showing on the front page by the time I’d finished with it. I nearly fainted, but overall it was kind of macabre and excellent.

  4. -S. says:

    I once papercut my eye. I can’t remember why, but I was inspecting the edge of a stack of papers when something caught my attention. Turning my head to check out what’s up I cut a nice gash across the right hand side of my right eye ball.
    It stung like Hell, I freaked out like crazy and rushed to a mirror watching in horror as slowly that whole half of my eye was first going all veiny and then slowly grew red.
    In panic I thought it might stay that way forever, couldn’t decide whether that would be awesome or totally lame and it slowly faded back to normal but was sore for about a week.

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