A work in progress, pt. 3

Once again, the difficulties in getting decent pictures of bruises has become almost as painful to me as the bruise itself. When I woke up a couple of hours ago and first saw my knee I was like WHOA LOOK AT THAT MOTHER and now having taken about a dozen pictures of it or more, I don’t see how anyone will really be impressed at all.

ANYWAY. It’s getting purpler, and it’s spreading round to the other side a bit. Hopefully it’ll get grosser still in the next couple of days. Aren’t you excited!? Turns out my ancle is also a bit bruised, and my other knee as well, but nothing remotely picture worthy as of yet. I was hoping my left hand would get bruised too, as earlier the same night I fell with my entire body weight on that bony bit where the wrist turns into hand, but it’s not an area that bruises easily after all.

Right, pictures:

Oops, hairy legs.


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