This is a blog about bruises. Blåmerke is Norwegian for bruise. I get bruised a lot, and I will use this blog to post pictures of my bruises – and if I have any idea how I got a bruise, I will also disclose this information. And sometimes I might even talk about someone else’s bruises. I hope that you are as excited to be here as I am, because I am PSYCHED.

The following picture is not of a current bruise, in fact I got this bruise several years ago and I took lots of pictures of it at the time because it was actually perfectly heart shaped! (the one on the far right, you see.) Probably one of my favourite ever bruises.

Here is the same bruise in EXTREME CLOSEUP:

I got these bruises, and many more, from repeatedly falling off of a bicycle and onto the street one very early morning in the city of Bodø, while I was waiting for the first ferry of the morning to take me and my friend Pernille out to a nearby island. Don’t drink and cycle, kids. Unless you want some really cool looking bruises.

That’s it, This was my first post, I hope you enjoyed it. Come back soon!


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